African Safari Experience

Africa Safari Experiences

Whether you're in search of the wild & exotic, romance, or just plain fun, Tanzania has something to offer everyone. Come explore the Serengeti, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, or dine under African skies. Idyllic beaches, majestic mountains, wide streching plains, and free roaming wildlife makes Tanzania a safari-lovers paradise. Discover Tanzania for yourself with one of our safari experiences, designed to provide travelers with a unique and unforgettable adventure.


Safaris & You are dedicated to making your African safaris dreams a reality. Ask us about customizing your trip with an individually tailored experience.

  • Cultural Tourism

    A visit among the local people of Tanzania is likely to become one of the most rewarding experiences of your trip to Africa. While the amazing wildlife and stunning landscapes often take the limelight, the unique native tribes provide a wonderful opportunity to experience Africa in a way that may touch your life forever. Explore customs and art, and get a fascinat... View Cultural Tourism

    Cultural Tourism
  • Family Safaris

    Take your family to experience savannas teeming with wildebeest, towering boulders sprawling with a pride of lions. Watch baby elephants splash each other at a waterhole or track a cheetah as it hunts. Taste delicious African cuisine after riding a horse alongside a herd of giraffe. Experience a vacation that is rich with wildlife, scenery, cultures and adventure f... View Family Safaris

    Family Safaris
  • Guided Bush Walk

    A guided bush walk offers a kind of intimate safari experience that you just don’t get when traveling in a motorized caravan. As soon as you are on foot in the bush you become a part of it. You literally hear, smell and feel the bush. And viewing a zebra from just a few meters away is infinitely more exciting that what can be achieved from a vehicle. T... View Guided Bush Walk

    Guided Bush Walk
  • Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways

    Are you planning the honeymoon of a lifetime? Want to book an over-the-top romantic getaway? Looking for a delightful and adventurous vacation for you and your loved one? At Safaris and You we can custom tailor an intimate and unforgettable African excursion that you will never forget.

    Our packages are the ideal retreat for two – with th... View Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways

    Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways
  • Horseback Safaris

    Looking for the ultimate African adventure? It's hard to find a better way to experience the scenery, culture and wildlife than up close and on horseback. Our horseback safaris take you on an unforgettable trek through the African wilderness where you will enjoy stunning and untouched landscapes within a variety of Tanzania national parks. Accompanied by qualified guides from start to f... View Horseback Safaris

    Horseback Safaris
  • Hot Air Balloon

    The best way to experience the magnificent Serengeti ecosystem and wildlife is from high above in an air balloon. It is simply an unforgettable trip and a highly recommended experience. The panoramic views may leave you speechless as you keep on the lookout for animals on the ground below. You will have a spectacular, uninterrupted view of the gorgeous land... View Hot Air Balloon

    Hot Air Balloon
  • Kilimanjaro Expeditions

    Mount Kilimanjaro is a mountain full of beauty, mystique and grandeur. At 19,340 feet, Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest peak and often referred to as the “rooftop of Africa.” Our mountaineering expeditions take you there with experienced guides, certified equipment and climbing gear, and a record of safety and success that is unsurpassed. Some people ... View Kilimanjaro Expeditions

    Kilimanjaro Expeditions
  • Luxury Tented Camps

    When most people think of an African safari or spending time “in the bush” they envision roughing it with very little in the way of modern comfort. We’re here to change your notions. Our tented camps, styled to replicate the elegant hunting camps of yesteryear, provide classic ‘Out of Africa' safari camp luxury. Widely-spaced luxury tents, raised on ... View Luxury Tented Camps

    Luxury Tented Camps
  • Safari Packages


    We've hand-crafted safari packages to provide you with a few ideas of what to do in Tanzania. You'll find a wide array of activities from bush walking to hot air ballooning to cultural tourism. Our safari packages can be combines with other activities or altered to meet your preferences. We offer an extensive s... View Safari Packages

    Safari Packages
  • Special Interest Safaris

      Our African safaris are a great way to savor local wildlife and culture while exploring your special interest. Are you a photographer looking to capture the incredible wildlife, exotic scenery and native tribes of Tanzania? Are you into canoeing on Lake Manyara? How about bird watching at Ngorongoro Crater? Whatever your special interest, we can design a safar... View Special Interest Safaris

    Special Interest Safaris
  • Weddings

    Marriage is truly a lifelong adventure, so why not start yours with an exclusive wedding in Tanzania? We offer you an exotic and stress-free alternative to a traditional wedding and can custom-design a wedding limited only by your imagination. Whether you want an intimate and casual ceremony or a sophisticated and elaborate event, we will design an unforgettable and perso... View Weddings